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About Me

My name is Mogli Rivers. I am a storyteller and I use photography, writing and weaving as mediums to communicate the stories I receive from the land and the seasons. I have not always seen myself in this manner and its been a long journey of self discovery to get to a place of Being an artist, or even defining myself that way. But I realize now, at the ripe age of 30, that I have always been an artist, Ive always been a storyteller...


at the heart of my practice is the desire to slow down. my goal is not to mass produce weavings but to contemplate, spin, weave and share my creations at a pace that is in alignment with the unveiling of each micro season.


I believe that when we remove the excess, what we are left with is what really matters to our souls- be it physical belongings, stimulants, obligations, responsibilities or beliefs, we can clear out room for what is really important to us by simplifying our life, our minds, our rhythms.


To be in conscious, active, reciprocal relationship with the Land and all our Kin - this is the ultimate calling of my life. I work daily to connect with, honor, listen to and learn from the earth. And in this daily prayer, I also teach my children, so that they can continue this lineage.


Underlying the work of tending the Land, tending my children and producing art is tending the heart space and healing ancestral trauma. I am painfully aware that the work I do in this life is beginning the process of untangling generations of pain, conflict and violence. But the work doesn’t end with me - I must also prepare my children for the work ahead of them. As I heal myself, I heal my ancestors, I heal my grandchildren.


Returning to the old ways - one of the grand goals of my life and what I shall pass onto future generations. Remembering the old wisdom, rediscovering the magic of kinship to the earth, changing the paradigm of society. Returning to the essence of being human. Returning to relationship with the Land. Returning to the old stories of circular lifetimes.

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